Mikko Mannonen
Born 1976 Raisio, Finland
Works Vehmaa, Finland


Metal Artisan 2005
Upper secondary school 1995

Work and philosophy

He has been working as full-time blacksmith and metal craftsman since graduating.

He is specialized in aesthetic work, small and precise details and in technical problem solving.


Pinipajun Taidepajat
Lokalahti 2013

  Art at Rautila
 Vehmaa 2008

"Vakan alta"
Turku 2007

Cooperative works with Markus Kotiranta
Uusikaupunki 2006

Blacksmiths' art and jewellery
Vehmaa 2005
Budapest Folk Art Festival
Budapest, Hungary 2003

Meeting of Masters in the Midnight Sun, Övertorn, Sweden 2002. Second prize (personal), third prize (team).