About us

At workshop. Railing detail.

Noitavasara is a two-person workshop specialized in blacksmithing. We work mostly with steel, but with other materials as well. We produce a variety of tools, jewellery and other items for both decoration and utility. We have extensive experience with demanding restoration and repair works. On request we can create anything and everything from nails to gates.

We strive to produce items that delight the owner with aesthetics as well as functionality. When properly taken care of, our carefully designed and manufactured products last from generation to generation. We hand-craft each of our products based on our unique ideas and the wishes of our customers, taking into account their individual needs and defined values. 

Noitavasara was established in 2005 and is located in Rautila,Vehmaa.

Pneumatic hammer 'Tapsu'.

Crafted with love, designed with a thought

Creating starts with designing. We strive to design our new products comfortable to use and aesthetic to look at. When working by order we take into account the needs and the wishes of the customer, reflecting in their own idea on the best possible way.

Our design start with a clear focus on the function or objective of the resulting product. Even when the end result may vary by a large margin, the initial sketches and composing always distil from the same questions:

How will the product be used? Who will be using the product? What tools will be used ? What working methods will give the best results? What materials suit this project best?

Whether the result is tools, decorative item or jewellery, the process always starts with definitive answers to these seemingly simple questions.

When producing multiple items, we initially work on a few progressive samples. We evaluate the quality constantly during the process, while enhancing and modifying our process in detail at any step opportunity allows. No model or result is ever perfect, but every one is a little better than their predecessors; this attention to improvement lives on through our work in every piece we finally deem ready for delivery.

'The Forging of the Sampo', A. Gallen-Kallela.
'Maasta noussut', sculpture made by Mikko.
Desing Juhani Vikainen.

One link in a long chain

Blacksmith's work has a long tradition. While the actual job description and product variety of a blacksmith has changed radically during last fifty years, many working methods and tools are still exactly the same as they have been for centuries.Today, the blacksmith is a professional whose work combines both material and form management, artist and artisan in one person.

Many traditional designs and shapes are still appealing to eye. Human quintessential sense of beauty is based on symmetry, shape and material balance. Technically and functionally well-designed objects remain well suited for their assigned purpose over the centuries. History is always present when working near the forge and anvil. Blacksmith draws from the past even when creating for future.

Because we care

The resources of our Earth are limited. At Noitavasara, we do our part of preservation and strive to act as friendly to the environment as possible.We use recycled materials always when possible considering the nature of the product. We naturally recycle all the trash from our workshop, but also pay extra attention to create efficient, waste minimizing workflows. At our forge, no piece of metal gets left behind.

We strive to save nature's resources and the environment not only during production, but in other areas as well. The most common coating materials we use are beeswax and linen oil – both organic and renewable materials.

You will almost never meet Noitavasara products wrapped or packaged. In the occasional need for wrapping our packaging comes in either recycled or re-usable form. We are not looking to be a part of stressing our globe with consumable or disposable goods. We often repair even century-old articles that work after restoration as good as new and are ready to serve and function for another century before repairs.

We appreciate such objects and hope that our products will be cared for, so in their time they are taken to be serviced by future blacksmiths and artisans to continue their existence.